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Composite Panel Adhesive
Composite Panel Adhesive
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 Composite Panel Adhesive


This product is low viscosity, high penetrability,  its strong adhesion after curing, crystal clear, high glossiness, excellent yellowing resistance, It's resistant to abrasion , water, oil, aging, weak acid and weak base.


1.This product is low viscosity, high penetrability, it can be covered tiny cracks and excelent repair ability;

 2.It’s almost no low volatile, low odor, low excitant ,convenient operation;

3.High bonding strength ,strong adhesion,excellent anti-aging properties and yellowing resistance;

4.All our products are conform to the GB18583 standard, and the European Union ROHS directive standards, belongs to the green environmental protection product.


1.There are many reasons for factors which bonding effect is not ideal ,attention  please!

a: Composite panel is not enough dry or high air humidity, composite panel moisture absorption and on the high side;

b: The AB part not according to the proportion of standards, mixing uneven because of inadequate stirring and didn’t have enough time.

c: Mixing used of tools of A、B parts,therefore the curing reaction early;mixture is not in the effective time used up.

2.The product may appear crystallization or caking phenomenon when winter temperatures are low.

3.The unfinished curing adhesive solution of skin and clothes that  can be stained with alcohol to wipe clean with a cloth ,and wash it in soap water;such as eyes or skin tarnished, should be immediately with plenty of water to wash ,and then the nearest treatment.If accidentally swallowed, ban vomiting,and drink plenty of egg white or milk,immediately medical treatment.

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