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The most likely people fought
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Buffett said: Now give you your right to buy a 10% stake in a classmate until the end of his life. Would you like to buy 10% of the rest of the students which one?
You will choose the most intelligent of it? Not necessarily. You will choose the most energetic yet? Not necessarily. You will choose the official second-generation or second-generation rich it? Not necessarily. When you go through after careful consideration, you may choose the one that you most identify with the people, the leadership of the most talented people, the people to achieve the interests of others, the generosity, honesty, even if his own idea, will the credit points to others people. Then you put these good quality piece of paper to write on the left.
Buffett said: Now to give you an opportunity to let you sell 10% of a classmate, who would you choose?

You will choose the worst performance of the people? Not necessarily. You will choose the poor second generation do? Not necessarily. When you go through after careful consideration, you may choose the most annoying people, not just you hate him, others hate him, we are not willing to deal with him. Because this person is dishonest, eat food alone, conspiracy is, like the stab in the back, like burning bridges, adding insult to injury, and so on. Then you put these bad quality written on the right side of the paper.
When you look at both sides of this piece of paper, you'll find the ability to strong or not is not important, it does not matter whether the United States if the angel, good grades were not good and nobody cares. Those left column truly effective quality, all you can do, if you want action, you can have these qualities. Those bad quality, no one can not be changed, as long as you have the determination, you will be able to get rid of. If you can do the left column to write, those who abandon the right column, you will become everyone is willing to buy 10% of people, the better you present yourself on the 100% owner of your own.

I mentioned above this story, because around a very interesting thing happened. Friends T monarch met a few friends to engage in game development, they engage in a game ready to set up their own company's own operations, but suffer from a lack of investment, looking for a half a year did not find investors. So pull T monarch occupation, prepare together to find investors. T monarch with their years of personal connections, and soon found a large group of investors willing into the capital. In fact, this project is not big, it was only a few million of the total size of the investment group that house is a very very small projects, but they have not been engaged in before the game, so be prepared to try the water. But few people find that since it has been found investors, T monarch becomes superfluous, and why even give him his share of it? So they kicked out T-jun, prepare yourself to sign the contract.

You, as an investor, you dare to sign such a contract it? Investor fears that come and go. You at the last minute middleman foot kick, prepare their own food to eat alone, you are capable of this thing, the other thing you will dry out, since you this person is not reliable, you have much less specific ability, skill, and not important because anyway, not in conjunction with your cooperation. In fact, investment cast and team is the most important thing is reliability, followed by the professional skills. No level can also spend money to hire more people, if the person is not reliable, it is completely out of the way.
Three child likes to watch, almost everyone knows, the strongest among the generals is Riboud, the saying goes: people Riboud, horses in the Red Rabbit. However, later known as Wu Sheng not Riboud, but Guan Yu. Because Guan Yu has the two most important qualities as a military commander "loyalty" and "justice," Riboud is a Sanxing slaves, who would force large who seek refuge. Cao Cao also have been caught, Liu Bei Lu Bu had also looking to intercede, Liu Bei results say "Do not you see things almost Ding Dong?" So Cao Cao Riboud took to Kacha. After the surrender Guan Yu, Cao Cao him to invest heavily, Guan Yu is famous, first cut to punish Wen Chou Yan Liang, the siege of the White Horse solution, then put Huarong Cao Cao. Cao Cao's investment has been greatly rewarded. If the investor is Cao Cao, he certainly is a top PE, because he knows Man.
Integrity is not only a character, but also a responsibility; not only a moral, but also a criterion; not only a reputation, but also a resource.
Personally, integrity and strength of character is noble, is the basis of mutual trust between people. A tricky, often easier to get the trust and respect.

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