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Dry suspending construction of stone
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Dry hanging stone curtain wall construction technology
Bolted on back and opened joints stone curtain wall construction technology in recent years, due to the stone walls decorative effect, diverse forms and are widely used. Stone walls can be divided according to their connections: Front and back piece fit bolted on both types, here the bolted on back and stone walls of the construction process as briefly described below.
1. open seam sealing system features 1.1 stone joints between stone blocks l0mm leave gaps, smooth vertical and horizontal, beautiful and practical without seams using a plastic handle, to avoid the emergence of silicone sealant deterioration yellow, stick dust pollution affecting outer decorative surface. 1.2 single stone back with 1.5mm or 3mm thick fluorocarbon coating aluminum composite aluminum plate as a water barrier layer, a companion board connection gray weather sealant treatment using. 1.3 Aluminum water barrier layer disposed laterally fixed steel beam strengthened to prevent vibration noise, vertical column and aluminum with screw connection to prevent loosening. 1.4 Stone adopt drilling holes form, rather than the usual boundary slit aperture, this approach helps to reduce the stress concentration due to the slits formed to reduce the rate of loss of stone.
2. The process principle back bolt dry hanging stone curtain wall technology uses cone drill column and special equipment in the back of the stone drilling, reaming and make the bottom, ensures accurate drilling depth dimension. Anchor (Fig. 1) from the expansion force people loaded conical drilling, according to the specified torque diffuser. Ring diffuser will open and fill the bottom of the hole, forming a male coupling (Fig. 2). Fixed anchor in the back, invisible from the outside. When you install embedded parts and mullions on the exterior wall angle code welding, back bolt horizontal frame bolted with mullions, through the stone back bolt fixed to the horizontal frame.
3. Process Surveying - vertical members (analysis rack column) Installation - waterproof board - installation of stone plates - Positioning, leveling - dispensing and clean measuring 3.1 according to the measurement main civil engineering provided line reference point configuration control network diagram to the amount of bleeding coordinate reference point as a reference, using a laser theodolite, vertical meter vertical measurement, and transmitted to the respective floors in the floors re-determination for well-shaped wire control network, which Pan to external beam. Measuring point for vertical links, to create a vertical reference line and thereby constitute a facade control network, which moved to flat facade beams to determine the position of each floor fixture and mark layers as facade mark prevail, using steel wire to determine the position of the facade, columns on each floor of this facade whichever position for installation. 3.2 Install vertical members, trusses or columns on the basis of the connection member is installed on the complex measured deviation to further adjust the installation of curtain wall plane truss or column and column and column system according to the exact place, segmented control to avoid error accumulation. Extension frame for the vertical member or column, is one of the key installation of curtain wall construction, its installation precision and quality directly affects the quality of the installation of the curtain wall. Installation should be controlled within the allowable deviation 2mm. Particularly in the construction curved flat, oval-shaped or quadrilateral closed walls, their plane, the deviation will affect the outer perimeter walls. Installation quality requirements: elevation + -3mm; around + -2mm; about + -3mm ;. Beam and column system or are due to be set larger and the lateral distance for supporting beams glass beams are stressed member. Beams and trusses or columns generally use welded connections. Measurement requirements in place, the control segment, and finally fully welded. 3.3 Install waterproof board waterproof board positioned on the subject line of embedded parts, must strictly control the position and angular errors in both directions, when you install two iron distance codes must be consistent, and brushing the surface anti-corrosion paint deal with. Any error greater than specification must be repaired correction processing. 3.4 should be installed matches according to Stone construction plate arrangement chart checks slate with a front stone plate installation, size and appearance quality inspection slate, while the control processing FIG inspection precision, the upper qualified slate, under deduction groove wipe clean, can not stay there are sand particles, and glass curtain wall portion connected slate before installing glass mounted, to avoid damaging the glass contamination. Xu filled with an epoxy-purpose tank pit, smooth stone lift, align the notches on the beam has been fixed fastener slowly beat people, then another pair of fastener inserted upper tank, so that the stone slightly forward, when the fastener hanging beams, slate let restored to the vertical position, and fastening down compaction, examine and adjust the vertical and horizontal stone out of position so that it meets the facade control lines. As shown in Figure 3. 3.5 positioning, leveling plate installation process, according to "smooth vertical and horizontal" requirements vertical leveling with vertical, vertical seam deviation value can not exceed (or less than) 2mm /. Steel wires straightened, with plug deviation gauge to check the vertical surface can not be (more or less) 3mm / m, with a flat transverse joint water leveling, the deviation must not exceed (or less than) 2mm / m. After dispensing and cleaning walls 3.6 installed, in the first separation gap on both sides of the paper paste, in order to meet the design requirements squeeze glue thickness (4mm a 6mm), to fill in the gaps in the foam tape before squeezing glue, then down from the crowded sealant, and then glue scraper Calibrating achieve a smooth surface to ensure clean plastic extrusion at the net, and at a predetermined time to complete plastic extrusion operation. Immediately after the separation of paper and plastic extrusion tear surface thoroughly cleaned the walls.
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