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Daily cleaning stone pollution
2016-04-16 09:47:40    Source:    Browse:686frequency
Pollution is a stone fruit juice in the daily home life, the most common contamination, and the other is the class of the oil.
Color stains not only a lot of juice, and fruit juice containing a dye, if time does not clear, but also cause yellowing of the stone surface. And many fruits are acidic material objects, such as orange juice, lemon, star fruit, oranges, grapes, apples, etc., so the juice is not just pollution contaminants stone surface only, and it will corrode the surface of the stone, even through the pores of the stone into the stone internal corrosion, especially for limestone and marble, it will cause the stone surface rough.
Stone fruit juice is so contaminated, they should be immediately clean up, if you have stained or yellow can cause neutral cleaners. If severe yellowing also washed away, you can use in addition to clean toner.
If the surface of the stone has been eroded and dull, you can use the powder Polishing again; if the severely damaged should ask a professional stone conservation officers to polished.
Oil and grease contamination class processing of natural stone marble glue
Oil and grease our daily lives in the stone is prone to contaminants. This should be divided into two cases, one is caused by fumes, one is caused by the liquid oil. If the fumes caused by the oil is the best oil clean-up, as long as the oil with a neutral detergent can clean. If the liquid oil by dumping, should immediately wipe clean, and with a special neutral oil cleaning agent. If you have been adsorbed into the stone stone, if it is the daily oil can be larger alkaline or neutral or weak alkaline surfactant-containing formulations of a cleaning agent. Remember you can first use detergent to soak for about 10 minutes, and then some hard hair brush, repeated a few basic side can get better results.
Inks deal with pollution class natural stone marble glue
Now ink, pen, packing pen, handwriting pen etc. pollution is also very common. In fact, the ink type of pollution treatment is rather cumbersome, they are easy to penetrate into the stone house (like the gap is relatively large granite, marble and there will be cracks), and penetrate the longer the more difficult to clean out. So it is when a stone surface contaminated with ink, you should wipe it off immediately, and immediately begin to clean up. Here suggestion is to use the toner in addition to clean up.
Usually, first with the corresponding toner 3 except dressing: 1 ratio and uniformly mixed into a paste.
After mixing the paste evenly over the stain, the best and then cover with plastic wrap to prevent water evaporation.
Regularly check whether the stains fade, covering the time depending on the degree of stubborn stains may be, ranging from a few hours to ten hours.
If the stain has been removed can shovel to remove toner and clean water.
After the dry stone is best to fix what protection it would be better.
Dairy products contaminated processing of natural stone
Dairy products (milk, cream, butter, etc.) containing animal fats, such pollution is not only a long time can cause yellowing of the stone surface, but also stink of corruption. Therefore, this type of pollution should also be immediately erased, if the stone has caused yellowing phenomenon, you can use a mild detergent to clean the surface of the stone, followed by addition of the toner to clean (pollution removal method with the same kind of ink)
Oily cosmetics pollution treatment of natural stone marble glue
At present, because of the popularity of cosmetics, there have been many cosmetic contamination, especially oily cosmetics category (for example, lipstick, nail polish, etc.), components such pollutants typically oil, wax and dye, if the pollution to the stone It is very difficult to clean up. If your home decorative stone face appeared lipstick, nail polish and other pollutants, you can start with a sharp blade hanging to the stone surface contaminants, then with acetone class detergent to wipe clean the surface of the stone.
Marble glue glue kind pollution treatment of natural stone
Pollution is usually some kind of glue, if it is water-based glue, with a regular washing liquid to be cleaned. If some epoxy glue, marble glue, AB glue, instant glue due to contamination caused by surface hardening, you can scrape with a sharp blade, the residual part can be used in addition to wax Clear
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