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Business Join Hotline: 400-0133-656

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Factory Address: 190 Industrial Road, Fuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone
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Cooperation Policy:
My company has industry-leading technology and brand, is now facing the National Recruitment agency distribution partners and look forward to joining you!


Partner requirements:
1, determined long-term cooperation
2, familiar stone adhesives industry
3, the local market has a mature sales network and channels
4, has a wealth of market experience and strong development capacity
5, has a good business reputation and a certain degree of economic strength
6, with the company's marketing model can operate in the regional market


For the support of partners:
1, the company provides comprehensive information required by customers
2, to provide advertising support
3, the company implemented strict market protection system, strict monitoring of the flow of goods, to ensure that the interests of dealers in the region
4, the company provides excellent quality and first-class products, and improve after-sales service

If you are interested in becoming our partner, cooperation for more details, please call
Hotline: +86 -13774573279  Marketing Manager Mrs Yan  

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