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About us
Fuzhou AoLiBao Building Materials Technology Co.Ltd., founded in 2008, is located in the scenic coastal open cities - Fuzhou Overseas Chinese (capital of Fujian Province), locations, regional economic development, science and technology is strong, with the country's well-developed logistics base .

The company introduced the Australian MAGEPOXY International Enterprise Group's high-strength epoxy adhesive polymer quality advanced technology formula, has been focused on the stone and construction chemicals and high-tech products in the research, development, production and business, we have accumulated a lot of practice experience. The main production of stone dry hanging AB epoxy glue, marble glue, anchorage glue, weather sealant, cloud paraffin and other products. Widely used in stone, ceramics, building materials, water and other fields, is a modern stone, metal walls and finishes mounted between rigid building materials commonly used in permanent adhesives, as well as the best material for building structures reinforced.
 After years of development, the company has modern research and development center, first-class laboratories and advanced detection equipment. Products undergo strict quality control and testing procedures, the choice of world-class machinery and equipment production lines. Outstanding product performance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance and excellent weathering performance, with construction of fast, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and pollution-free.
"Aolibao" brand AB epoxy glue dry hanging has been the company's flagship product, the market share in China reached more than 35% in the domestic leader, has high visibility in the bond market and construction stone care, its product output, sales in the industry among the best. Our sales network covers the whole country and developed in Europe and America, Southeast Asia.

The company implemented a multi-brand strategy, for the different needs of different consumer groups in every market segment, designed a variety of different brands in order to meet the various needs of customers: In addition to "O Lippo" brand, as well as "special prison up, "" Dr. O "and" Macao Li Wang "and other brands. Meet the different needs of high-end customers.
Warmly welcome customers to visit our company, and to undertake domestic and foreign customers OEM and order!
Integrity first, quality assurance
★ China Construction Association recommended products
★ full set of national building materials testing center certification
★ Australia advanced technology concepts, equivalent imported
From Australia, the world's top producer of glue experts visit
"AoLiBao" brand products in the Chinese market!
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